Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Of interest

Hello, It has been awhile Internet world!

After I finished my applications for admission to graduate school I jumped on a plane to Europe. I celebrated thanksgiving in Sweden. It was magical - Stockholm seemed like a beautiful snow globe and the people were just as amazing. I did stop in London and Paris, both cities are great as well, but for some reason I have a strong connection with Sweden.

Regardless, I'm back in lab with tons to do.
Today I received a new batch of Math1-Lacz spinal cords back-filled from the thalamus with Fluorogold and last week I prep a huge litter of E19.5 Tamox-induced (@E8.5) Math1-myrGFP spinal cords for examination.
I am really looking forward to examining these cords and getting an idea of what’s going on. Especially the Tamox line - I haven't looked at spinal cords older than E13.5 Sooo it will be interesting to see if I can detect any projections into the brain at this stage. (Or really detect anything at all - the literature and in situ's done suggest that Math1 expression in the spinal cord begins at E9.5 and continues till E13ish. Therefore, my tamoxifen treatment may not have induced any GFP expression OR dependent on how long the tamoxifen stays active in the system it may induce and label the first round of cells to differentiate into the D1 class.)

Anyways, here's your food for thought today.

Please press that link and read the letter.

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